キジ & Wine at この路


Hello, ニコルです!

Last year, I enjoyed a delicious meal centered around Kanoya’s famous amberjack fish at Konomichi. This was part of an ongoing dinner series featuring local specialities paired with natural wines.
昨年、「この路」で鹿屋の有名なかんぱちを中心としたおいしい食事をいただきました。 地元の特産品と天然ワインを組み合わせたディナーシリーズです。

I was honored to have a seat at the table yet again last month. This time the theme was (pronounced “kiji”) which is Japanese Green Pheasant. It is the National Bird of Japan.
先月、この路「ワイン会vol 2」に参加する機会がありました。今回のテーマは『日本キジとナチュラルワイン』でした。日本キジは、日本の国鳥であると学びました。すごい!

キジ & Wine at この路
Japanese Pheasant meat has many special characteristics. The meat is low-calorie and high in protein, with a very distinct flavor which is more aromatic than that of chicken.

Tonight featured a mix of innovative and traditional preparations of the pheasant, each narrated by the passionate pheasant farmer himself, Mr. Ogura.
そして料理のコース内容としては、伝統的なものと、この路&小倉さんによる日本キジを主体とした料理でした。 日本キジ養殖センター小倉の小倉直樹さんをゲストにお招きし、日本キジについてお話ししました。とても面白かったです!

We were able to learn a lot about the treasured bird as we enjoyed each dish.

But first! Wine.

Each guest was allowed a taste of three different kinds of natural wine; white, rosé, and red. I chose to drink mine sequentially.

With the white wine, I enjoyed the first two courses.

A small plate of dried smoked Japanese pheasant, followed by a refreshing peach salad.

Next, a plate of Japanese pheasant carpaccio and sashimi, which I enjoyed with the rosé.

I was able to taste and feel the texture and flavor of each cut of the meat.

It is tougher and harder than chicken, but more complex.

And it was a nice prelude to the fried Japanese pheasant that followed.

By this time, I’d maxed out my wine ticket.
既に、 私のワインチケットは限界に達しました。

I finished off with the red, which paired perfectly with the succulent roast pork.

This is a signature dish of Cafe Konomichi, and another Kagoshima specialty.

The next dish was probably the best rice I have ever tasted. It was made using the Kiji dashi stock, which had an incredible aroma and complex flavor.
さて、次の料理はおそらく今まで味わった中で最高のご飯でした。 日本キジの炊き込みご飯は、しっかりした味と香りでさらに食欲をかきたてました。

This propelled me to order another glass of red wine.

Soba prepared with the Japanese pheasant dashi was one of the more traditional preparations.

It was equally as delicious and flavorful. I love soba, but since it is hard to find in Kanoya, I was surprised and delighted by this dish.

Finally, a sweet pudding made using the Japanese pheasant eggs, which exceeded my expectations. I certainly did not think that a dessert could incorporate the theme of the night, but the chef proved me wrong.
最後は、デザートでした。日本キジの卵を使ったプリンは期待以上の美味しさ。 確かに、デザートに日本キジを取り入れることができるとは思わなかったので、私はいい驚きと発見でした。

We were also provided with a packet of brown-rice coffee powder to sprinkle into the pudding before enjoying. This was truly a luxurious treat!
また、食べる前にプリンに振りかける玄米コーヒーの粉末(西尾製茶) これは本当に贅沢でした! 

Alas, the richness of the pheasant and wine was felt in every aspect of the night. Every time I visit Konomichi, I learn more about the local cuisine of Kanoya. It is obvious that the chef continues to study in order to challenge and elevate his cooking. And the warm and casual atmosphere makes it a pleasure to enjoy for everyone.
キジ料理とナチュラルワインの豊かさは、一つ一つにストーリーがあって、地元特有の可能性を感じます。この路で食事するたびに、鹿屋の郷土料理について考えさせられます。 シェフの探究心は更なる領域に踏み込んで行く事でしょう。そして暖かくてのんびりした雰囲気の中、今回も野心的で特別な美食の経験になりました。

I’m looking forward to the next event in the Konomichi x Wine series!
I wonder what the next theme will be…